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Techniek Nederland

  Technology is self-evident In a world where technology has become a self-evident thing, it’s hard to be aware of its impact on our day to day lives. In fact: the enormous power and value of technology lies in its invisibility. Think about major subjects such… Read More

International Institute for Asian Studies

The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) is a global humanities and social sciences research institute and knowledge exchange platform that supports programmes which engage international partners. Together they contribute to a better and more integrated understanding of present-day Asian realities and encourage dialogue and link expertise, involving scholars and… Read More


There’s a lot of water in the Netherlands. People live alongside it, skate it in winter time, sail it during gaypride and drink it every day. The company that regulates all water in the Amsterdam region is Waternet. A fact that not many of the citizens are aware of. Waternet… Read More


Spektr is a film production company based in Amsterdam. In film production, your product is your brand. You can’t tell what you make, you have to show it. That’s why Spektr’s content functions as the main ingredient of the identity. Whatever they create, will be visible in… Read More

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

  Letting The Hortus grow. Literally and figuratively. One of the oldest botanical gardens of the world needs a renovation. To improve the way visitors can see, feel and smell how nature is evolving. To help realizing what the urgence is of biodiversity. Four million euro is needed. How… Read More

National Museum of Worldcultures

The National Museum for World Cultures is a cluster of four large ethnographic museums, who explore world cultures – from global citizenship to unique individuals. … Read More


Once a year, the entire EYE museum in Amsterdam is taken over by a colourful invasion of movement. KLIK. A six-day animation festival of unlimited possibilities. It showcases the rich and diverse animation sector at an international level. In six days people get to explore four hundred films coming from… Read More


Cinemien is an independent, arthouse film distributor active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Existing for over 40 years with a passion for movies and an eye for talent. The visual identity takes inspiration from the old marquee movie sign, where film titles were written in separate letters. Because the… Read More

Spring Performing Arts Festival 2022

Over the past decade, the ways of human interaction have started to change. Where the worldwide pandemic made it challenging to come together and experience each other in the same space, it also accelerated the technology to do so online. Now that it is possible to be… Read More

Moscow Design Museum

Lava’s founder and creative director, Hans Wolbers, is in Moscow for a lecture when he meets Alexandra Sankova. She tells him about her dream to establish the first design Museum in Russia. This meeting is more or less a starting point for the collaboration. Why Alexandra asks a Dutch designer to… Read More

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