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This typographical approach literally visualizes the space for experiment and exploration. The same space that the academies itself give to their students. Next to the addition to the identity, we made a new line of brochures and the campaign items for the open door day. Read More

Mobile Design Agency – Beijing Design Week

In this project for the Beijing Design Week we took the term Mobile Design Agency quite literally and showed that we can truly work anywhere with anyone who is open to new ideas. Sitting amidst the lively crowds of the Dashilan Hutong villagers, our laptops in hand, we created logos… Read More

Nuclear Security Summit

The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) is an initiative of President Obama. The bi-annual Summit focusses on global security of nuclear material. The Netherlands hosted the 3rd Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. Lava came up with a triangular system representing the nuclear symbol (3 triangles), the security symbol (1 big triangle)… Read More

13th Istanbul Biennial

The 13th edition of the Istanbul Biennial opened with the title: ‘Anne, ben barbar mıyım?’* (Mom, am I barbarian?). The focal point of this Biennial was the notion of the public domain as a political forum. It questioned what is considered barbarian or civilized in the public domain. The design… Read More

Beijing Design Week

Just like last year, we continue to play around with the Beijing Design Week identity. Since there are so many more areas in this upcoming edition of Design Week, we extended the BJDW shape family and made a shape for each one. This shape can be stretched and squeezed and morphs… Read More

Streets of the World

For the photo exhibition ‘Streets of the World’, photographer Jeroen Swolfs took a picture of daily street life in every capital of the world. He wanted to show the similarities between different people, countries and cultures. This, to counterbalance the image of opposition and disunity that seems to be dominating… Read More


In MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) Antwerp, the exhibition ‘Antwerp à la carte’ reveals the intimate relationship between the city and its food. Not only from a contemporary perspective but through time from the 16th century to the distant future. … Read More

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