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An agile design agency

In our project for the Beijing Design Week we took the term Mobile Design Agency quite literally and showed that we can truly work anywhere and with anyone who is open to new ideas. Sitting amidst the lively crowds of the Dashilan hutong villagers, our laptops in hand, we made logos for the local businesses. On the spot, openly in the streets, and for free. It was a great way for us to get to know the Chinese market from the bottom up while it was at the same time a truly design-driven adventure.

To start our Mobile Design Agency we bought a second-hand sanlunche (three wheeled local vehicle). Armed with bilingual briefing forms, laptops and extension cords we drove into the streets of Dashilar. Looking for people who wanted a logo for their small shops. To find out what our customers wanted, we chatted with them. A simple, no-nonsense briefing form helped us to get a clear overview of the client’s wishes.

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