LAVA is an international creative agency with
offices in Amsterdam and Beijing.

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Edgy visuals for a festival all across China

Croisements Festival - French Embassy in China


Merging three of Europe’s leading ethnographic museums

National Museum of Worldcultures


Russia's first design­ museum

Moscow Design Museum


Fluctuation in blood glucose levels flows through its story

Diabetes Fonds


A different way of learning, a different way of wayfinding

Soyoo - Kids’ learning center



50,000 members for HUMAN!


Art in the centre of social agitation

13th Istanbul Biennial



1563 square meters of design for the Amsterdam University


Authority on art within the public space

SKOR - Dutch foundation for Art and Public Domain


An agile design agency

Mobile Design Agency - Beijing Design Week


The largest international summit ever held in the Netherlands

Nuclear Security Summit 2014



Lava Lab at Northside festival Brooklyn, NYC



Amsterdam Museum - storytelling app using iBeacons