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Every spring season, one festival in the city of Utrecht really stands out: SPRING Performing Arts Festival. The multidisciplinary, international event speaks to thousands of art professionals, students, and adventurous art lovers. With a focus on technology and performing arts, SPRING is not afraid to ask urgent questions through its program. It invites us, the audience, to play with our perspective on society.

We designed the campaigns for SPRING 2020 and 2021. And how cool, in 2022 SPRING asked us to continue the collaboration. Although technology and experiment have always been part of the festival’s DNA, it felt outdated to the team to – after two pandemic years – merely showcase these elements. Moreover, the new artistic director is very much drawn to technology’s greater impact and its influence on human life. Here our creative process began. 

What started out as a brainstorm for the 11th edition, actually grew into a whole new brand identity matching the festival’s true dynamic and fluid nature. A branding that offers strong recognition while servicing flexibility for varying future programs.

The first step was designing a flexible human-centered typeface. Not much later, we came up with a bespoke tool. By combining Kinect recordings and A.I motion-tracking, the SPRING team can play around with the letters. Through this technology, the performances and the brand can really merge.

Stay tuned for the next step in our process of digital innovation: a new website is cooking!

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