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Phoenix is an everything-app for Android devices, providing users with a one-stop solution for multiple needs. It serves over 400 million users in emerging markets such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Unlike most other technology brands, Phoenix doesn’t focus on its technical functionalities, but on experiences, connections, and convenience for its users: Generation Y and Z. Hence, when Phoenix approached us to develop a new brand identity, we recognized the importance of transforming it into a lifestyle brand. One that exudes youthfulness, boldness, and optimism. Our initial focus was on crafting a visually dynamic and groundbreaking identity that would evoke the feeling of visiting a friend’s profile.

The outcome was an expressive icon and a full logo, infused with a playful, versatile line language and a vibrant color palette. These elements possess flexibility and can seamlessly adapt to various platforms, including online outlets, social media campaigns, posters, and merchandise. Additionally, we translated Phoenix’s inherent personality into a messaging framework that can be utilized across campaigns and content. Enjoy the present, explore the world. Anywhere, anytime.

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