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Technology is self-evident

In a world where technology has become a self-evident thing, it’s hard to be aware of its impact on our day to day lives. In fact: the enormous power and value of technology lies in its invisibility. Think about major subjects such as energy transition, digitalisation and the increasing complexity of our infrastructure. We’re used to it making our lives easier, safer and more comfortable – without noticing it.

Maintainer of modern society

With a revenue of 16 billion euros and over 6300 companies with 130.000 employees Techniek Nederland is of an enormous relevance to the daily lives of every inhabitant of our country. This requires a recognisable profile for Techniek Nederland that shows the value and importance of the organisation. An ultimate challenge: how to transform this crucial network of hidden logistics into a clear visual language.

One central connection

When stripping down all the way to the core there’s one thing that remains, the foundation of this organisation: connection. Wires, pipes, cables. Conversations, network, dialogue. All tools that Techniek Nederland uses to create this incredibly important network. This web, with Techniek Nederland as the central connection, is the base of the identity.


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