Techniek Nederland

The technology that drives the netherlands

In a world where technology has become self-evident, it’s hard to be aware of its impact on our day-to-day lives. In fact, technology’s enormous power and value lie in its invisibility. We’re used to it, making our lives easier, safer, and more comfortable – without noticing it.

Techniek Nederland is the biggest technological branch organization in the Netherlands. With a revenue of 18 billion euros and over 150.000 employees and members, they are of enormous relevance to the daily lives of every inhabitant of our country. Their impact is big, but their visibility is low. An ultimate challenge is transforming this incredibly delicate network of hidden logistics into a clear visual language.

When stripping down all the way to the core, connection remains the foundation of this organization. Wires, pipes, cables. Conversations, networks, and dialogue are all tools that Techniek Nederland uses to create this incredibly important network. This connection is the base of the identity.

“Something unimaginable ten years ago is happening right now. Technology touches all sectors of social life.”
– Doekle Terpstra – Chairman Techniek Nederland

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