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LEVS is an architectural firm improving the quality of life in cities. In the Netherlands and abroad. Showing it’s possible to solve apparent contradictional challenges: Urban densification and the need for more sustainability, building social housing, and improving the quality of life.

With a new generation of partners on board, LEVS commissioned LAVA to renew its brand strategy, visual identity and communication. Allowing them to meet the challenges of the future with the inspiration and vision of a younger generation. Without losing 30 years of heritage.

Communicating the essence
LEVS had an image and communication challenge. The innovative and sustainable qualities and approach were not clearly visible. How to communicate the essence if there is so much to tell?

Visionary conductor
Through custom-tailored workshops, we came to the conclusion that LEVS’ strength is its role as a visionary conductor of the whole architectural process on all levels. From design to realization. By connecting the right people, disciplines, designs, constructions and materials they create innovative and sustainable solutions for complex challenges. All done with mathematical precision.

Clear and convincing
We challenged LEVS to be less humble and move from service-oriented to an innovative firm that drives change. This is reflected in their new brand story and further developed in a framework for all their communication. From a tone of voice that is more outspoken to a content strategy that aligns the story per channel. Both on brand and project levels. Clear guidelines and templates help LEVS to carry out its vision in a clear and convincing way. Showing all hidden layers you often can’t see on the outside.

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