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During the merger of two of the largest broadcasters in the Netherlands one thing was very clear: they had to totally transform. As their audiences are moving to the digital age the challenge was to transfer the heritage of two different organizations with popular shows, series, and content into a brand that represents the joint future vision across all channels. To serve and connect a broader audience. We developed a powerful dynamic brand that reflects the DNA in every detail and is flexible across all touchpoints.

With roots in the Catholic and Protestant traditions, KRO-NCRV is all about looking out for each other. About connection. This belief was visualized hundreds of years ago in the seed of life: seven circles representing the seven days when God created the earth. An amazingly simple but powerful visual that ties both the roots and the organization’s end goal together.

With this grid as the foundation of the brand, we translated the essential values into all moments of communication. A visual language that grows along with the future of broadcasting, no matter the platform or content.

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