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Nudus is a newly launched architecture studio that draws inspiration from nature, to create site-specific designs that enrich and surprise. The team, located in Rotterdam, approached us to design a holistic brand system stripped down to its very essence: Nudus is energized by nature. This inspired us to do the same. We researched what types of behavior from nature could be used to anchor the brand identity. To create a living brand, we found inspiration in one of the natural elements: wind.

This resulted in a contemporary identity which not only introduces the firm’s vision to potential clients and employees, but also includes its evidence-based thought leadership. The intensity and direction of wind form the contours of the Nudus letters, naturally shaping Nudus’ brand identity. An optimal interplay between beauty and purpose. While traditional logo-based identities typically consist of a single logo, this one has numerous variants, although created with limited influence, much like the elements found in nature.

Our design team developed a future-proof tool containing a stable version of the logo. But, the user of the tool can adjust the intensity and direction of the wind hereby affecting the logo. The bespoke tool offers a transferable identity, turning it into a true collaboration between agency and client. The dreamed next step would be to influence the logo with anemometers on the buildings designed by Nudus.

Our work with Nudus had been featured by the independent graphic design resource The Brand Identity. Discover what Sacha van den Haak, Lars Terhorst and Anton Lamberg have to say about the creation of the project in this editorial.

“From the very beginning, we established a profound personal bond with team Lava. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our core values, enabling us to swiftly delve into the essence of our identity. Lava skillfully transformed our vision into a cohesive brand identity, empowering us to communicate our message with enhanced depth and significance across all channels.
The delivered design encompasses a comprehensive package that provides us with a cohesive and enjoyable means of expressing our ideas, establishing our brand identity, and ensuring recognition within our industry.”

-Albert Dijk, founding partner Nudus

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