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Since its foundation in 1986, it has been impossible to imagine the Dutch music circuit without EKKO. It is a familiar quirky face on Utrecht’s Weerdsingelcanal, where many music lover has headbanged at least once or crowd surfed through the venue. Although this is still where the foundation of the pop venue lies, it was time for a new wind. Where the energy of a new team and the original drive for individuality reinforce each other.

Shaped by culture
The stage is known as a place with a punk soul, where there may be banter and trying in a DIY way, but where on the other hand they also communicate modestly. With these values in mind, they looked for a way to communicate who they really are. Because without immediately slinging DIY culture in the Weerdsingelcanal, it could radiate a bit more solidity and colour. 

Cherish the essence
Together with us, they took up the challenge to find more focus. We asked each other questions, stimulated and prodded to get to the heart of the search for the new EKKO energy. Without losing the essence of the stage, because whatever happens, EKKO is the music friend who is always by your side in Utrecht’s evening and nightlife.

The music friend lets you discover new things, confronts you and is there when you need her. She challenges you and teaches you new things. And above all, knows how to strike the right chord. In short: the music friend resonates.

“In this case, we brought back analogue design in a new way. It’s two worlds that EKKO profiles itself in, bands on one side and dance on the other. Visually this can be something very challenging. How do you get a design that captures both expressions on an equal level? With a bespoke tool, we have ensured that these worlds come together precisely.”
– Sacha van den Haak, Head of Design at Lava

Liveliness through resonance
We made that resonance visual, by creating a living identity.  One that moves and grows with all developments and avenues of expression. In this, we captured the energy and vibrancy of the stage.

We ensured with a bespoke tool that they can resonate themselves in their posters, social media posts and, on their website. The resonance goes how it wants, just as EKKO does what it wants. This way, the content and brand visibility can be tuned at any time, without us being there as an intermediary. 

“The tool gives EKKO a way to deploy their identity in a living way. Every expression is different and because you have a lot of options within the tool, you can do innovative things within the design. If there is another new kind of TikTok or Instagram where the public can be found, you can very easily adapt the content to the new platform. Without the user having to really understand it, the tool keeps the brand on track. This way, you create as much freedom and aesthetic diversity as possible without losing the main design.”
– Anton Lamberg, Head of Digital Design at Lava

“It was a beautiful and sometimes confrontational process, prior to the elaboration of the new identity we first sharpened the foundation on which it will be built together, this yielded many valuable insights that we can use strategically in the fullness of time.”
– Marlies Timmermans, Managing Director of EKKO

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