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EKKO is a pop stage and club in the city of Utrecht. It is a gateway for upcoming (inter)national artists in The Netherlands, like Franz Ferdinand, Four Tet and Death Cab For Cutie. Also backstage, EKKO is a place for new talent. Offering a learning environment is an essential element of the venue’s DNA. In 2022, EKKO found itself in transition with a new team, fresh perspectives and changing audiences like Generation Y and Z. The organization felt it was time to rebrand.

So, how to symbolize its venue as well as its programme and way of working? And how to stand out with new generations, characterized by a short span of attention and numbed by the visual overload on social media?

We chose resonance as the core behavior for the new identity. In physics, resonance occurs when an object is subjected to a vibrating force at its natural frequency. When the frequency of the external force matches the natural frequency of the object, resonance amplifies the vibrations, resulting in a significant response. But resonance can also refer to an emotional response, suggesting a strong connection between an individual and an idea, music, or a person. Both meanings match with EKKO profoundly.

We designed a living identity expressing EKKO’s resonance to the next generation by means of a bespoke and transferable tool. The tool generates a representation that moves and scales based on the input, thus capturing the energy and vibrance of the venue. No templates needed. In small iterations and code prototypes we pursued the right balance of reactiveness and identity, while still carrying the desired aesthetic. The tool supports EKKO’s storytelling and is flexible in pushing either the venue or the artist forward. The resonance and the multi-colouredness – representing the fluidity and optimism of the zeitgeist – fit in perfectly.

This project is the result of an ongoing interchange between code and design, with plenty of room for exciting new surprises and future growth. The tool has been transferred to the organization so the marketing team can tune content and brand visibility at any time for any platform.


“The tool ensures that the brand remains on course without requiring extensive user comprehension. In doing so, it facilitates the creation of abundant freedom and aesthetic variety, all while preserving the core design principles.”
– Anton Lamberg, Head of Digital Design at Lava

“It was a beautiful and sometimes confrontational process. Prior to the elaboration of the new identity, we tightened the foundation, on which it will be built, together. This yielded many valuable insights that we can use strategically in the fullness of time.”
– Marlies Timmermans, Managing Director of EKKO

“Since the launch of the new website ekko.nl, the number of visits has increased significantly: that first month the record number was broken and our website since then is visited more often and for a longer amount of time. It is also striking how much the conversion value has increased: the more prominent display of the ticket button, the highlighted programme and the much improved mobile website definitely play a significant role.”
– Katja Hagenbeuk, Head of Marketing of EKKO

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