One visual identity for two merging broadcast stations

KRO-NCRV - branding, website, motion design

Two of the largest broadcasting stations, on the verge of merging. A big challenge: transferring the heritage of two different organisations, into a brand that represents the joint future vision. With the content-experiences changing rapidly, a fluid brand is critical. A lot of factors are diverse: the programmes, the moments of interaction, the age of the audience, the needs of people. Celebrating this diversity is only possible when you create a brand that unifies everything. That grasps the exact core of KRO-NCRV. 

With roots in the Catholic and Protestant tradition, KRO-NCRV is all about looking out for each other. About connection. Hundreds of years ago this belief was visualised in the seed of life: seven circles that represent the seven days in which God created the earth. An amazingly simple but powerful visual, that ties both the roots, and the end goal of the organisation together.

With this grid as the foundation of the brand, we translate the essential values into all moments of communication. The diversity of the patterns serve the diversity of the brand. The harmony of the visuals bring harmony to the touch-points with the audience. A visual language that grows along the future of broadcasting.

“We live in a world where everything is close. Technology wiped out distances and brought in endless possibilities. Possibilities to connect with each other. With the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, this didn’t result in us really taking in what happens around us. We forget to look out for each other, and reach out. KRO-NCRV wants to do something about that.”


One visual identity for two merging broadcast stations