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In the last 10 years, we’ve proudly partnered with Museumvereniging, representing 500+ Dutch museums, on a transformative journey. From a merger to becoming the driving force of a future-proof museum sector where everyone feels connected, they challenged us to enhance their visibility and brand.

Museumvereniging was perceived as a traditional B2B brand. It primarily had a lobbying function with a focus on museums and consumer products, such as Museumkaart. Therefore we portrayed Museumvereniging as a ‘humble authority’. Together, we developed a brand strategy that positioned Museumvereniging as a driving force within the museum sector, a catalyst for unity, innovation, and progress. The cornerstone of the delivered visual language was formed by the prominent use of slashes, which symbolize the core tenets of embracing, adopting, and connecting.

Fast forward to 2023, and Museumvereniging has boldly evolved into a prime mover, fostering connectivity, knowledge sharing, inspiration, and innovation within the sector. The current objective is to enhance visibility, fortify brand recognition, and cast a wider net of influence. Ultimately, a strong industry association fortifies the entire sector, benefitting each of its members. We grappled with the pivotal question: How do we transition from a product-centric approach to a brand-focused one while preserving the strength of the logo?

An important focal point was, the imperative transition to a digital-first brand, expanding the brand elements to seamlessly serve all present and future media, tools, and channels. Through rigorous strategy sessions, we redefined the brand and its guiding principles. The concept shifted from mere embracing to highlighting and unlocking what is important. The outcome? A dynamic visual language highlighting Museumvereniging’s role as an industry pioneer.

“The longstanding collaboration with Lava has resulted in a highly valuable relationship characterized by extensive knowledge and established trust. The new step in our visual identity is a logical consequence. With its evolution, we are not only taking a significant stride in conveying our role as a connector and catalyst for the museum sector, but we are also aligning optimally with the technological possibilities of today and tomorrow.”
– Martin de Rooij, Head of Marketing & Communication

“A challenge that arises when creating a motion language for an authority like Museumvereniging is the need to adjust the volume. With Museumvereniging offering products such as the Museumkaart and tools for different museums, there are various scenarios where the identity can range from being humble to absolutely bold. Through the slashes originating from the logo, we open up exciting new worlds that museums have to offer, while maintaining a balanced yet outspoken design.”
– Camie Roos, Graphic & Motion Designer

All photography © Museumvereniging

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