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Campaign Identity

For 75 years Gaudeamus has been introducing curious music lovers to the (composed) music of tomorrow. With unheard-of combinations of genres, fresh perspectives on concert practice and radical new inventions in the field of sound and performing arts, Gaudeamus delivers a musical experience without borders or limitations. As the oldest music festival in the Netherlands, it is an important hub for young composers and music pioneers from all over the world, with the possibility to boost their career with an incentive prize: the Gaudeamus Award.

Online tool
To get the public even better acquainted with the festival, Gaudeamus asked us to develop a brand campaign that would allow the people to learn what Gaudeamus Festival is. As you learn best by doing, we developed a campaign in which the input of the audience became the main carrier of the message.  


Are you a composer too?
We developed an online tool for Gaudeamus where users could create their own compositions. As building your own composition from classical musical notation is quite hard, we changed the notation to an easier one. With different forms of brushes which, determined by the shape and color, could generate different sounds, visitors could easily create whatever composition they wanted and momentarily transform into composers themselves.


Crowdsourced design
By providing the brand with a new payoff called ‘for curious people’, we emphasized the invitation for people to get involved, and discover what they can make on their own.
We ended up collecting a huge amount of submitted compositions. These compositions formed the foundation for all brand assets such as flags, posters, signing and social videos. As they were made from crowdsourced input, all these brand assets had a unique design in which the visitors and the festival encountered each other.  

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