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To address urgent societal needs like climate change we need scientists to turn their breakthrough research into successful businesses. A lot of research done at universities can have a big impact on people and planets but since universities mostly focus on fundamental research and education, it’s not getting out of the building. So how can we get scientists to start their own companies without having to say farewell to their academic careers? That’s where Faculty of Impact comes in. A new two-year program that runs inside universities and gives scientists the time and resources to turn their breakthrough research into a business.

We literally created a new faculty: The Faculty of Impact. An independent department concerned with a major division of knowledge and the ability to do something extraordinary: change people and planet(s) for the better. The name became the guiding principle for positioning and identity. An innovative, living identity that shapes and forms itself, depending on the research, subjects and context. With one important rule: only collaboration and exchange can achieve change. To be prepared for future subjects and developments, we built a bespoke parametric design tool, which allows the creation of endless new patterns and layouts for future subjects.

We transitioned research from being abstract to something organic, human, tangible and at the same pushed boundaries on what a brand identity can be. By uniting design & technology.

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