Let the Hortus grow

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam - creative strategy, campaigns

Letting The Hortus grow. Literally and figuratively. One of the oldest botanical gardens of the world needs a renovation. To improve the way visitors can see, feel and smell how nature is evolving. To help realizing what the urgence is of biodiversity. Four million euro is needed. How do you connect people with an abstract subject like biodiversity? And more importantly: how do you get them to donate?

The Hortus Amsterdam has been a public secret for over 400 years. With about 500.000 visitors a year it is one of the most visited places of Amsterdam. All these visitors find something different at the Hortus. For one the garden is a place to be inspired by all the crazy plant names, for another it’s place to find peace. Some come to dewinter a bit in the tropical greenhouse, other to enjoy doing exactly nothing. 

Raising money means building a relationship and creating urgence. We believe in real experiences. That’s why it’s not us telling about the value of the Hortus. We let the visitors, the ambassadors, tell their own stories. The best place to do so is a medium where the Hortus is already extremely popular: Instagram. In this way we show that the Hortus is for everybody. For the Amsterdammer. The tourist. For the plantmaniac. The calmth seeker and the student. Everyone contributes to the growth of the Hortus.

Starting with a custom made donation-packages system for Friends, moving on to six prominent ambassadors for the public campaign, over to a gallery of visitors-faces with their stories: the campaign is alive and has reached its goal abundantly. 

“When you’re about to start a new, radical project within your cultural organisation, you hope and want this project to be embraced by your audience. With LAVA we got a beautiful campaign that resulted in exactly those wishes and values. LAVA is a fantastic partner who knows how to find ‘the heart of the matter’ and translate it into a powerful, authentic campaign.”

Barbara van Amelsfort, Head of marketing Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Let the Hortus grow
Let the Hortus grow