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The brand-new psychological thriller series ‘SPHINX’ by Horizon Film will be available for streaming in its entirety on Videoland starting March 22. Created by Diederik van Rooijen, the Original series unveils the captivating tale of fourteen-year-old Minke Moorman (played by newcomer Andrea Vass), who reappears exactly three years after her disappearance, now bearing a mysterious wing tattoo on her back. What follows is a riveting thriller where Minke is still under the influence of the enigmatic Sphinx.

As Minke returns home and attempts to reintegrate, it creates turmoil for both her and her family members. Minke is no longer the same person. What happened to her, and what do the wings tattooed on her back signify? Her father, Lucas (Marcel Hensema), is determined to uncover the truth behind her abduction, while detectives Asha (Joy Wielkens) and Fenna (Ruth Becquart) follow a mysterious trail of gruesome murders and puzzles, leading to more questions than answers. Meanwhile, her mother, Eva (Rifka Lodeizen), tries to reconnect with her daughter but suspects that Minke is still under the spell of her mystical abductor, who is concocting a terrifying plan for revenge.

Writer and director Diederik van Rooijen stated, “‘SPHINX’ is a gripping and groundbreaking psychological thriller that challenges the viewer with complex storylines, terrifying twists, and mysterious puzzles. The intertwining of mysticism, relatable family drama, and the desire to solve the puzzle makes this series an exciting, emotional rollercoaster.

Other roles in this Videoland Original are played by, among others, Sallie Harmsen, Benja Bruining, Delilah Warcup – Van Eyk, Sil van der Zwan, Eva van Heijningen, Juda Goslinga, and Rami Kooti Arab.

The Videoland Original psychological thriller series ‘SPHINX’, directed and written by Diederik van Rooijen and produced by Horizon Film, consists of six episodes and will be available exclusively for binge-watching on Videoland starting March 22.

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Horizon is a new series and film production company, founded by the creators behind acclaimed works such as ‘Het Gouden Uur,’ ‘Penoza,’ and ‘Rundfunk.’
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