Learning by doing


Innovation and progress start from the bottom. That is why Gaudeamus presents, stimulates, and supports the latest music by young music pioneers. For 75 years, Gaudeamus has introduced curious music lovers to tomorrow’s (composed) music: unheard-of combinations of genres, fresh perspectives on concert practices, and radical new inventions in sound and stage art without borders or limitations.

Crowdsourced campaign
Gaudeamus asked us to develop a brand campaign with which the audience could learn what Gaudeamus Festival is.
Since you learn best by doing yourself, we developed a campaign where the audience’s contribution became the message’s leading carrier.

Bespoke tool
We developed a micro-site where users could create their own composition. Color, effects, and sounds were included in the toolbox, allowing the user to create whatever they envisioned – and heard.

Let’s break new ground together

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