Launch of Horizon Film

New Work

Horizon Film is a newly launched Dutch media production company, founded by three experienced and ambitious creatives with a strong focus on high-budget drama. With guts over fear, they are determined to make a mark in the industry.

The team approached us to develop a brand identity that embodies their DNA and positions the company as a distinct and innovative player in the market. Inspired by the mechanics of a horizon itself, we delved into research to add the right narrative.

In the film industry, light holds immense significance – how much to use, what type, and how it impacts the storytelling. This exploration led us to the central idea of shadow play. Crafting a geometrical logo, we then developed a dynamic tool that breathes life into the logo, enabling it to tell diverse stories depending on the lighting. The color palette, derived from Horizon’s productions, retains its flexibility, allowing for various moods and atmospheres.

Now, Horizon Film is all set to shoot and make waves. Let’s continue this journey together, towards the horizon. (And… cut!).

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