How do we meet?

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In the past decade, the ways in which we interact started to change, with the past two years as an accelerator: there is no need to travel to see each other, we can find one another online. Covid-19 made it difficult to come together and experience each other in the same space.
Now that it is possible again, we wonder which space we can take up. 

Online we are in constant contact with the world, but as a result, we need to process a lot of images and impressions every day. We can lose ourselves in the ‘infinite scroll’ and therefore think less consciously about each other and ourselves: are you there? 

We use these elements as fuel for the interactive campaign of SPRING Performing Arts Festival 2022. We ask the question of where you, as a passer-by and spectator, really are and ask you to help build a new living statue. Images of you and other contributors won’t compete with each other for attention but need one another to achieve their full glory. We have to do it together. 

We developed an application where visitors can upload images of their bodies and contribute to a living statue. This creates a gesamtkunstwerk, a place where we can come together and build something. We leave a part of ourselves behind with which we show that we were there, and thus claim space: I am here. 

The living statue is a body full of visuals curated by the contributors and is used as a campaign image. This is how the SPRING 2022 campaign belongs to all of us.

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