Amsterdam 750: A brand and celebration that every Amsterdammer can call and make their own


This was our aim when Amsterdam 750 asked us to develop the brand strategy and visual identity for the celebration. Celebrating such a historic event is, after all, a collective endeavor.

With great dedication, we have worked closely with the Amsterdam 750 program bureau to ensure that the 2025 celebration of our capital becomes a festive occasion for all Amsterdammers and everyone who feels a part of it. Our journey began with a focus primarily on the business market, but now, the time has arrived to embrace the public sphere. It becomes clear once more: by sharing, we amplify. Witnessing the identity we’ve nurtured — designed to be as flexible, accessible, and welcoming as possible — coming alive and thriving is nothing short of magical.

Discover all updates about Amsterdam 750, and how the identity is being embraced, through this feed.

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