Meetup 25: Work in progress

Here's some silver lining: it's time for the 25th edition of Interactive Storytelling Meetup! And jubilees ask for an experiment.

As creators are always in need of an audience to test their work and get feedback, this meetup at the 27th of June will be one jungle gym of projects to test and experience. As an audience, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the latest work in progress from different makers.


The program will be full of projects to experience, test and discover. Dive into an interactive karaoke experiment, a mixed reality opera, a spiritual VR-experience, face filters, kinect projections, audio art, augmented reality stories and interactive performances.

The evening includes WIPs of...
Booi Kluiving, Abel Enklaar, Karina Zavidova, Sander Veenhof, Vera van de Seyp, Ali Eslami, Klasien van de Zandschulp, Mamali Shafahi, Sabrina Verhage, Carolien Teunisse, Titus Knegtel, Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou, Stef Kors, Cyril Snijders, Roxana Cociorba, and more to come...

This meetup is a collaboration of Interactive Storytelling Meetup (Klasien van de Zandschulp and LAVA) & Creative Coding Amsterdam.


Free entrance
And cash only (for drinks at the bar)
Doors open: 19:00 | Start: 19:30

Language: English