We are part of Design Indaba, Cape Town!

We are back from Cape Town where we've had the pleasure to present - Millennials, the driving force of innovation - at Design Indaba 2016, the biggest design conference that explores how design can have a positive impact in the world.

In our presentation Cecilia Martin shared the results of our research on Millennials. She spoke about how the younger generation of digital natives are the Leonardo Da Vinci’s of today, driving a new renaissance of innovation. An explosion of ideas embracing design and creativity at a speed never seen before. They are creating solutions that solve a specific need and serve a greater social purpose at the intersect of design and technology.

Klasien van de Zandschulp followed up with three case studies where we worked on experiments in the field of design and technology with millenials as a target audience. These case studies address the creation of open source design and software, interactive storytelling and designing disruptive experiences in public spaces. We presented examples of cases like Moscow Design Museum, Mobile Design Agency and #goldenAge. We ended with our expectation on how our work as designers will change in the coming future with new rules. For instance we believe that we will soon change the way we use technology, start wearing it more and make more use of an endless virtual space around us. How will we browse the internet in a virtual space, and use our body to navigate through it? How will we access this space? This is becoming an exiting time designing a new space with no rules yet.

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It was amazing to share stage with the most inspiring designers, architects and emerging creatives from Africa and around the world. Design Indaba is more than a conference, it is a design festival full of inspiring ideas presented in a unique and entertaining way inventing new formats to communicate. Like creative agency Snask who brought their band on stage, the theatre play initiated by NB studio or the moment of confusion by Erik Kessels. Naresh Ramchandani, partner of Pentagram, spoke about words, how the sounds form a rhythm and the meaning can be both fixed and endlessly interpretable, Christophe Guberan showed us how he uses water in inkjet printers to transform paper in beautiful forms, Thomas Chapman of Local Studio (Johannesburg) showed us his social architecture programs in Johannesburg and Mohamed & Haitham El-seht introduced to us their Twins Cartoons.