Alles Transactie: navigate better in the fintech world

Lava designed the book Alles transactie. The project, initiated by Innopay, aims to help leaders of today to navigate better in the world of financial technology. 

Alles transactie is about data, trust and the unprecedented opportunities of the transactional internet. The book describes the relation between transactions, the buying process, platforms, data and trust. Explained through recognisable cases, clear backgrounds, models and illustrations in an outspoken visual language.

To get the best result Lava worked in close collaboration with a committed team of writers (Chiel Liezenberg and Koos de Wilt) and an illustrator (Francesco Zorzi). The book contains complex content about major technological developments. The goal was to make this specialist content accessible and create an outstanding book in the field of 'standard' marketing books. Lava came up with a remarkable black book and an all-embracing title as a wrapper around it.

Alles transactie is created by experienced fintech pioneers Chiel Liezenberg, Douwe Lycklama and Shikko Nijland of Innopay, also known from succesfull digital products like iDeal and OV-Chipkaart.
The book was the #1 selling marketing book in The Netherlands for 17 days. Given the international relevance of the subject, an English edition will be produced in 2019.