New website for Netherlands Film Fund

The Netherlands Film Fund has a new website. Lava is responsible for the concept and the visual design. Back and front end development was realized by Driebit. The website is developed through an agile method. 

The new site focusses on an optimal user experience: finding the right fund for your project as soon as possible. As a result, putting less pressure on the team of Film Fund answering phone calls with questions about all the different funds they offer. We worked very close together with the client during this phase. It was a big challenge as Film Fund has numerous funds with a lot of exceptions.

By choosing for activity, type of production and the phase an applicant is only 3 clicks away from finding the right fund. When arrived on the specific fund page, more information, downloads and contacts can be found. And ofcourse the process for application can be started. Several user tests with specific tasks were done with the target audience to optimize this path. 

The visual identity was created a couple of years earlier by Lava. We optimized the visual design for online use (desktop, tablet and smartphones) and expanded where needed the design elements. 

About the Fund

The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production in the Netherlands and activities such as festivals and training. Its focus is to develop and strengthen Dutch cinema and film culture both domestically and internationally.