Safety Lab: Design a safe workplace

Arboriginals and Lava Lab joined forces and organised a workshop about interactive safety tools to train employers to work in a safe environment. We talked about and demonstrated efficient and appealing tools to report and discuss safety issues. The participants tried different technologies such as interactive installations using Virtual Reality glasses to experience a simulation of a dangerous work environment. We ended the day with a workshop where we discussed how the use of technology will facilitate convenient tools to use on the work floor.

Everywhere safety is important. Especially in high-risk work environments where a lot of dangerous situations arise. Wouldn’t it be nice if employees could collaborate to create together a safe work environment? The employees working in this workplace will know best.

Together with Arboriginals, Lava Lab created an app to help these employees create the safe work environment they want. It’s a simple and easy-to-use app which allows employees to report good and bad situations in the workplace. The reporting starts with making a photo of the situation and emphasise this by doodling (drawing) on the screen. Afterwards you can add a note and send it to your colleagues.

These situations and notes will be saved and shared with your group. They can be discussed in your team, department or company. Because the location will be saved with every picture that is made, employers can easily see where the bottlenecks are and where they need to change bad work environments into good, safe ones.