A 360 degree experience of photography

Irish photographer Clare Langan created with Lava Lab photography a 360-degree experience, as part of her photo exhibition that was premiering during Unseen Photography festival 2014, at Anita Beckers gallery. This project was part of Lava Lab collaboration with Firestarters at Unseen. The result of the project is a 360 degree experience with audio, viewed through an Oculus Rift: Facebook's virtual reality headset.

The project takes the viewer inside the photograph, which is the scenery of Western Ireland. Clare Langan uses an infrared technique in her photographs, which she used as well for the 360 degree version. At Lava Lab we used specific software to stitch the ± 250 photographs together into a 360 degree sphere for the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard. The infrared technique created a spooky but beautiful atmosphere. Together with the audio, created specifically for this scenery and photograph, the experience became even more immersive and enabled visitors to temporarily escape the hectic festival area.