DIY virtual reality workshop

At Unseen photography festival Lava Lab kicked off with the first DIY virtual reality / Google cardboard workshop at Firestarters, UNSEEN - Photography Fair Amsterdam

DIY virtual reality

In collaboration with Vodafone firestarters, Lava Lab offered daily  ‘DIY virtual reality photography’ workshops with Google Cardboards at Unseen photography festival 2014 in Amsterdam.

Historical overview of panorama photography and virtual reality

We started the workshop with a quick overview of the history of photography and other experiments that led to virtual reality as we know it today. We started with the first photograph ever taken, to Camera Obscura and early painted panoramas and installations. We also talked about early stereoscopes, virtual reality in the 90s and where we are today, the launch of Oculus Rift by Palmer Luckey.

Virtual reality glasses out of cardboard

After this session, participants were divided into groups and created their own 360 degree photo with a smartphone. The next step was folding your own virtual-reality headset, using Google Cardboard. This is the low-budget version of the virtual-reality headset, launched by Google, summer of 2014.

Create your 360 degree photograph

Participants folded and puzzled with their own virtual reality glasses as a result. After that, they added the smartphone to the folded cardboard to take a look at their 360 degree photo. They experienced a complete new way of looking at photos; no longer as a flat image, but as an immersive experience without visual distractions from the environment. Because of the cardboard that is surrounding your eyes and a part of your face, participants were feeling fully absorbed by the virtual reality experience.