2-day workshop in Taipei about Visual identity in branding

What's the relationship between a logo and a Visual Identity in branding? CPC, China Productivity Center in Taiwan, asked us to organise a 2-day workshop for their 'Creative Industries Division'. The participants of this workshop are design professionals working in the Creative Industry in Taipei. We like to think that a logo is a signature and not just a small ingredient of a brand. By creating a clever and comprehensive Visual Identity, people are able to explore the visual narration of a brand. In this workshop Lava Lab gave an insight into Lava's approach to creating Visual Identities. By giving different lectures and related assigments the participants actively got involved in the process of creating Visual Identities.

During the workshop we spoke about the different sections in designing and practised this in the hands-on workshop. We started with the value of research and how to research (research section), this was translated into a visual (sketching section) which led to a choice (concept section) that was translated into an item (design section).
Subjects of the workshop:

• An insight into the way Lava approches an assigment and how they deal with a logo vs. a Visual Identity
• The different stages of creating a Visual Identity
• The benefit of a Visual Research and how to execute it
• Visual clichés, and experience of how to learn from what your competition is doing
• How to use your Visual Research in creating a simple graphical language
• How to present your sketches and tell about your design steps, learn from the co-particpants and how to reflect on your own design
• Translating your Visual Research, your sketches and presentation into an actual design
• The functionality of a logo within a brand identity, and the beneft of creating an extensive Visual Identity in order to communicate the narration of a brand to your target audience.