White paper by Driebit and Lava Lab Let art tell the stories!

Museum visits in the 21st century call for a new approach. There are new possibilities for installing exhibitions, telling stories and drawing people into the museum. New possibilities offered by technology affect visitors' expectations and behaviour before, during and after a museum visit. Over the past ten years, museums have begun to digitise all large Dutch collections at a steady pace. As of this year there is even a Nationale Strategie Digitaal Erfgoed (National Strategy for Digital Heritage), which outlines how to best organise such digitisation projects, among other things.

Driebit and Lava Lab have joined forces by sharing their knowledge regarding digital collections, both online and in the physical (museum) space. In this white paper we, Driebit and Lava Lab, present our perspective on digital collections for the new museum visitor and the ways in which we can offer solutions in this field.

We will explain how the synergy between the projects Ginger and Flinck functions as a shared platform that brings digital collections to life in an interactive narrative environment. This leads to new ways of visiting the museum, either physically or virtually, and of enabling a personal and lively interaction with museum collections.

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