Waiting for Vincent The experience before the actual experience; an app for the waiting line

After my internship at Lava Lab, I started my graduation project in collaboration with Lava Lab. I'm interested in solving offline problems with simple online solutions. A frequent "offline problem" caught my attention: the time when people are waiting. And a lot of people are waiting during the day, especially in front of big museums in Amsterdam, as the Van Gogh Museum!

Waiting in front of the Van Gogh Museum

One of the conclusions of the research was that people don’t really mind waiting, but it’s not that they like it that much.

“I don’t love lines, but you gotta do them, you don’t have a choice”.

“I’d rather not. There is nothing to occupy with”.

That’s where the solution was found: preparing people on their museum visit while they are waiting in line. Waiting in the queue is the begin of the experience and may influence the total museum visit. So it’s important to turn this part into a positive experience.

After a few brainstorm sessions and focus groups, the concept of the app ‘Waiting for Vincent’ was born. It’s a game that people can play against each other while in queue. The future visitors will be, in a playful way and location-based, prepared for their museum visit.

How it works?

The queue is divided into four levels (and a fifth area) through beacons (bluetooth transmitters). Every level connected to a certain area of the queue (location based levels) and corresponds with different content. The content consists of a quiz and a drawing game. With the quiz people have to answer questions, for example about Vincent van Gogh’s life and the temporary exhibitions. With the drawing game ‘Paint Something’ people have to redraw a painting of Van Gogh on their phone. Another person who stands in the queue, has to guess what painting his opponent has drawn.

With every question and drawing, people can earn points. The person who has the most points at the end of the day, is the winner and can pick a nice present. When visitors return to the museum, they can play the game again with new questions.

Lava Lab Foundation and Van Gogh Museum are both very exited about the outcome of Marjoleins project and are currently looking into ways to execute this project, within the framework of the new storytelling platform Flinck.