Vodafone Firestarters The future of film
360 degree video experience

Vodafone Firestarters launched the second season of Firestarters | the Series: 5 short documentaries about how mobile technology can change our lives, in collaboration with Discovery Channel. Lava Lab was present and demonstrated 360 degree video on the Google Cardboard and the Oculus Rift. Attendees could experience the Burning Man Festival in the desert in Nevada, America, and they could also try how it feels to fly in an tiny airplane while sitting on one of the wings.

By Fosca Salvi and Marjolein Fennis.

The future of film

This year, it’s expected that 360 degree video will change the current film and documentary industry. Zero Point is the first 3D 360 degree documentary film for the Oculus Rift, released last November. This new immersive way of experiencing films was also part of IDFA 2014. For example, the 360-degree documentary Polar Sea 360: that shows you the climatological and cultural changes in the Arctic area through an Oculus Rift.