Reality Glitches Speculative storytelling workshop at IAM conference Barcelona

At IAM conference 2017 in Barcelona, Lava Lab collaborated with IAM to design a new workshop fitting the theme of the conference "The Renaissance of Utopias".


Lava Lab designed one of the workshop sessions: Reality Glitches, a speculative storytelling workshop. We created this workshop with the idea of exploiting all the input received during the conference, allowing the participants to speculate about the future and create stories in the form of a short film.

The participants worked with three themes: Reality Glitches, Post-language and Transhumanism. Around each theme they first mapped out a collective scenario for a near future. After that each team created their audio narration of an imaginative future fitting a short film. In teams the participants speculated about an Utopian and Dystopian vision for a near future. The result of this workshop are nine short movies, with the same given sequence of images, but different stories.

Check all the videos here!

This workshop was designed and executed by Lava Lab: Gianluca Monaco, Klasien van de Zandschulp and Polymorf: Mark Meeuwenoord