Safety Safari app Create a safe workplace together

Everywhere, safety is important. Especially in high-risk work environments where a lot of dangerous situations arise. Wouldn't it be nice if employees could collaborate to create a safe work environment together? The employees working on this workplace, will know best.

Together with Arboriginals, Lava Lab created an app to help these employees create the safe work environment they want. It’s a simple and easy-to-use app which allows employees to report good and bad situations on the workplace. The reporting starts with making a photo of the situation and accentuate this by doodling (drawing) on the screen. Afterwards you can add a note and send it to your colleagues.

All the issues reported by the employees are visible within the app but also in the dashboard. The dashboard is a desktop tool that makes the management of safety in a company much easier: it allows to have a clear overview of all the issues, to discuss them, to set priorities, causes and risks, and to assign each issue to a team.

More information about the Safety Safari app? Check the website