Next event June 17: The Body & <> Workshop, presentations, participatory performances

On Saturday 17 June we welcome you to join the pilot of a new series called The Body & by WhyNot. With each edition, they will combine the dance & performance world with another creative scene to give you an insight in this cross-disciplinary practice. 
This first pilot edition, named The Body & < >, will be in collaboration with Lava Lab and Hackers and Designers.

The Body & < > is about movement, live performance and computer language. Artists that are working on the border of choreography and coding will talk about and present their work. There will be (participatory) performances, live music and presentations.

During the day, both dancers/performers and designers/coders can participate in a workshop by Joana Chicau. 



The Body & < > 

WhyNot in collaboration with Lava Lab / Hackers & Designers 
10:00 - 18:00 workshop coding & choreography
20:00 - 23:00 presentation & performance

For more information go to the facebook event