Impact! Interactive Storytelling Meetup #21

This evening we invite two speakers to share their story on how their work makes an impact on people, the city and the environment. We close the evening with the interactive performance Ourspace.

Drop by to get inspired, network, chat and grab some drinks with us!

Free entrance / CASH ONLY (for drinks at the bar) / Language: English / open: 7 pm, presentations start 7:30 pm.

Sea Ranger Service - Wietse van der Werf
The Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise which trains unemployed youths with the help of veterans to restore nature at sea. Protecting oceans is a life-long mission of founder of the initiative, Wietse van der Werf. He will share his experiences on using persuasion and speaking to people's intrinsic motivations as a way to mobilise enthusiasm and personal passions to tackle complex global issues.

RAUM - Rinke Vreeke
RAUM is a cultural city lab that focuses on the key urban challenges of the 21st century. A public city square located between Utrechts old and organic city center and the newly-built VINEX quarter Leidsche Rijn. RAUM is simultaneously an experiment: a quest for developing a new form of cultural public domain, in a social-geographical as well as spatial and cultural sense. As programmer and part of the curatorial team, Rinke Vreeke investigates new formats for programming, organizing and planning with her team, in which art and design are used to further explore these activities as well as to develop possible future scenarios. Rinke Vreeke will share her recent insights based on her experiences with RAUM so far, as well as her educational background as an urban geographer (in spe). 

The evening will end with an interactive performance of Ourspace, one of the projects of RAUM. OurSpace is a participatory performance that zooms in on the virtual and the physical space between people, their online and offline identity and social encounters. The audience is participating in the performance through their smartphones, guided by an artificial chatbot.