Tech Open Air Berlin Hackathon wearable technology

Lava Lab was asked to host two presentations, and be part of a panel talk and a hackathon at Tech Open Air in Berlin. Tech Open Air is a yearly Interdisciplinary Technology festival that took place July 16-18. Their mission is to connect, grow, and inspire the human spirit through knowledge exchange and collaboration.

One of the sessions at Tech Open Air was the AR Glasses hackathon with presentations about several Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses, like Epson glass, Google Glass and Optivent Glass. Lava Lab showed in an hands-on session how Google Glass works and how to design and develop for Google Glass. Our session was part of a kickoff for the hackathon. The hackers worked for one day and night on prototypes using one of these AR glasses.

Lava Lab spoke in the second presentation about their vision on designing for Google Glass and showed several concepts and projects Lava Lab is working on at the moment. The presentation ended in a panel talk with a Google Glass product manager, Epson glasses lead developer, Optivent sales manager, Nokia product manager, a senior Android developer and interaction designer at Lava Lab. The session was hosted by Miho Tanaka, the host of the event and CEO of AirMarkr. In this panel talk we talked about the opportunities and threads of Google Glass and it’s future. We talked about the meaning of wearable technology, the risks and dangers. The panel formed an interesting combination of knowledge and backgrounds.

By Klasien van de Zandschulp.