BOOM publishers Knowledge session on interactive publishing

Lava Lab organised a knowledge session together with BOOM publishers about interactive publishing. Lava Lab presented the hottest news from Silicon Valley and explored together with BOOM what is happening in terms of innovation in the publishing sector. The publisher experiences that their clients are changing in the way they consume information because of technology. The main question of BOOM was how the publishing sector can keep up with new technologies and how to improve the user experience.

We started the workshop asking about what hopes and fears all the attendees were having when they think about using technology like Google Glass for their publications. This opened up the discussion of the attendees on their expectations of the possibilities in technologies and the outcome of that day.

Google Glass demo

The best way to know is by experiencing it first. All members of the innovation platform of BOOM were present and tried the Google Glass themselves.


Every attendee was asked to bring an object or image that represented their vision of Google Glass for the future. For example Barbapapa represents flexibility, you can be flexible to people’s needs.

Exercise 1: Create a Google Glass concept

In the first exercise we explored some subjects of the publisher and translated them into a Google Glass concept. The main question that popped up was: ‘is the technology leading, or the content?’

The attendees learned in this exercise that Google Glass can be used in a different way of learning and receiving information, but it can’t be a one-to-one translation from a current publication. Lot’s of new interactions and possibilities were discussed in the workshop which can be used for further development.

Exercise 2: Interactive paper

In the second exercise we asked the attendees to think about some of their paper publications, how can we make paper interactive?