if then / what now What if blockchain meets poetry?

if then / what now is a residency and event about digital literature and future thinking. 

An interdisciplinary team of a writer, a graphic designer, an interaction designer and a creative coder worked together within a short residency at Lava. This resulted in an immersive installation where you can experience an audio story influenced by your own reaction to it. The story is the science fiction story 'the normalisation bureau'. With a heart rate sensor and galvanic skin sensors your physical reaction is measured. The audio of the story changes depending on how you are experiencing the story. After the visit, you receive a unique copy of the story, designed by your own body responses.

The event if then / what now showcased a diversity of interactive literature projects together with presentations about digital literature, science fiction and future thinking. 

This event was initiated and produced by Lava and Twins Ink. Supported by the Dutch Literature Fund and GAU.
Residency artists: Auke Hulst, Anja Groten, Adriaan Wormgoor and Arjan Scherpenisse.