Flinck A storytelling platform for museums and cultural heritage institutions

Every exhibition carries its own stories. Flinck inspires museums to open up and break away from the traditional way to deliver information and offer engaging ways to experience art.  By connecting collections to stories in a meaningful way where visitors relate to,  existing collections become more relevant. As a platform Flinck offers a base of technology, designed for different layers of storytelling for all museums to use and participate.

Flinck has given form to #GoldenAge at the exhibition ‘Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age’, an exhibition by Amsterdam Museum, Rijksmuseum and Hermitage. Flinck translates the stories behind networking and power in the 17th Century into a language of networking today: social media. This creates a fun and intuitive learning experience a young audience can relate to. Check in 365 years ago, become friends with Rembrandt van Rijn and learn about the Golden Age of Amsterdam.

Let the art do the talking! The artworks are connected to stories, using technology like beacons (bluetooth transmitters). These signals allow us to locate the visitors, send updates to their smartphones and opens up a non-linear and intuitive way to tell stories. Visitors can choose their own pace and route, while the messages automatically appear on their phones. Connecting the artworks also opens up the ability to collect micro-donations and receive data about the visitors interacting with the art. We learn about their route, time, interactions and the overall visit.

Flinck partners with Ginger, a semantic management system for sustainable and connected online collections. This combination offers a powerful and connected collection with a variety of stories in different contexts, online and in the exhibition space.

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Photo by Filianne Farigu
Photo by: Fred Ernst