Developers Developers Developers An open community for designers and developers in Sicily

Developers Developers Developers is a community open to developers, designers and anyone interested in the dialogue between these two worlds.

When developers and designers work together, they usually have a hard time to understand each other. This happens mainly because they don’t speak the same language and they have different mindsets and priorities.

To minimize this communication gap, a group of Italian designers (that had way too many issues with developers) decided to start a local community in Sicily called Developers Developers Developers. Lava Lab is supporting the organization of the events and trying to connect this community to similar ones that already exist in the Netherlands.

The approach is totally bottom-up, starting open discussions and making things together in a neutral field, with no preference for the designers’ or the developers’ point of view. In a society where everyone is specialized in a very narrow and specific field, the wish is to create common awareness and to build a shared language. The events will take place every two months in Sicily, alternating between Catania and Palermo, but the community encourages to join anyone who wants to share his experience and have a better relationship with ‘the other’.

If you can read Italian, the full manifesto is available here: