Demoji Open Source Emoji protest

The visual landscape in which we communicate has changed. Emojis became an important part of our communication. The already existing variety of visual symbols allows people to represent certain subjects visually or even construct stories with emojis. 

Emoji is a universal digital writing system that opens up a visual way of storytelling. With only a few emojis you can tell a powerful story. Comprehensive stories and poems have been written purely in Emoji before. The Emoji set that is currently used on our phones is very much filled with positive non critical icons. Can we use this visual language to speak out on, for example, humanitarian issues, climate change or other subjects for protest or demonstration? 

Together with artists and designers worldwide we are creating a new set of critical emojis. With that, we are creating an online space that allows people to write stories using these critical Emoji set. These messenges can easy be shared through social media, or hight res download to print on posters and banners. 
And lastly, we will submit this set of Emojis to the Unicode board.

Visit the website to download the Emojis or add your own creations:

This is a project of Mantas Rimkus.
Concept by: Lucy van Kleef, Klasien van de Zandschulp, Gianluca Monaco.
Supported by Lava.