BolFlinck Messenger 17th Century chatbot

We collaborated with Botsquad to create a new storytelling experience for the exhibition 'Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck - Rembrandt's Master Pupils' in the Amsterdam Museum. The Amsterdam Museum wants to make the traditional art and their 17th Century stories more engaging for a younger audience.

In the exhibition you can chose to follow one of the three highlighted characters in the exhibition and chat with them using your Facebook Messenger app. These characters will take you on a tour through the exhibition, tell you their story of the 17th Century and start a dialogue with you. We use chatbots, a scripted and interactive bot that mimics one of these characters and opens up for a conversation. The characters will not only tell you their story, but they will involve you in it by asking you questions or feedback. 

Follow Catharina, the nude model of Flinck and Bol, and hear about the position of women in the 17th Century, follow Joan Huydecoper to hear about his arrogant stories of power and money in the city of Amsterdam, or listen to Frederick, an 8 year old boy, who was forced to follow his fathers footsteps.

Fotografie Amsterdam Museum - Monique Vermeulen