Augmenting realities: When AR Meets Documentary SXSW panel

Lava Lab was invited to join a panel at SXSW on Augmented reality and documentary                            

Augmented Reality applications allow us to place people and objects into our immediate environment, whether that is our lounge-room, a station or a bar. What does the intimacy and portability of these experiences provide that VR does not? How will this change the nature of documentary and provide us with rich cultural experiences?

The panel is initiated by Crossover Labs, inviting Quicksand, creating Bas Kar Busker, an AR musical mash-up based on Indian folk dance, and Canada’s Dpt., who’s The Enemy brings the protagonists of global conflict right into your home. Lava Lab was asked to join and speak about their social and communal AR storytelling experiences, like the first virtual festival in Amsterdam.

We showed the challenges and opportunities to use AR for documentary stories, and discussed how this can change the way we tell stories.