Lava Lab Foundation

Lava Lab Foundation creates space for innovation, education and research in the field of design and technology. We initiate projects and start research to discover new insights and create opportunities.

Lava Lab Foundation:

  • organises knowledge sessions and meet-ups
  • co-creates and initiates innovative projects
  • creates innovative company workshops
  • builds an international network of experts
  • experiments and researches 
  • is known for inspiring presentations at conferences 

Projects, experiments & research

Together with our clients and partners we discover new insights, create opportunities and learn by doing through initiating projects, research and experiments. Each project consists of (user) research, service design, user centered design and experiment through prototyping. By learning from prototyping and researching we gather information to design and create a project that is truly innovative and helps us and our partners grow in knowledge and expertise. We believe in open source and sharing knowledge to bring these projects to an even higher level. Lava Lab Foundation creates projects with clients and partners, often co-financed through sponsors and funds. We often work together with (graduation) students to create new space for research and experiment. 

A selection of our projects.

Company workshops & sessions

In a fast moving world we know that companies and brands face new realities. But instead of feeling overwhelmed by the speed of change, let’s connect with the opportunities. Let’s learn together by experiments and research to get to the next level. Do you dare to really interact with your audience? To embrace new technologies? To make your brand bigger than just a logo? To tell your story in a new way? Let’s cross the boundaries and move on!

Lava Lab Foundation creates innovative workshops and sessions for companies and institutions. We help you to innovate, think disruptive, experiment with design & new technology and get ready for change. We've worked with companies like OTIS College of Art & Design L.A., Project Moore, Amsterdam Museum, Vodafone, KLM, J.P. Morgan, University of Amsterdam and University of Alicante.

A selection of our workshops.

Speaking events & meet-ups

Lava Lab Foundation shares knowledge through workshops, seminars, meet-ups and keynotes all over the world. We mix theory and inspiration with case studies.
We are experienced speakers at conferences and seminars on the subject of strategy, design & technology and we organise our own meet-ups, knowledge sessions and workshops.

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Contact us

Do you want to innovate? Experiment? Learn? We offer workshops, presentations, experiments, partnerships. 

Phone: +31 20 6222 640