19+20 Jan: Explore Virtual Space AR/VR masterclass and workshop

EXPLORE Virtual Space - storytelling in augmented and virtual reality. 
A 2-day masterclass and hands-on workshop by Simon Wilkinson, Luciano Pinna and Klasien van de Zandschulp.

Learn immersive storytelling techniques for a virtual reality, build your own augmented story and design social experiences for a mixed reality.


Lava Lab and Interactive Storytelling Meetup team up in a new series called EXPLORE. We invite experts from emerging fields in design, technology, art and storytelling. Our first edition is about exploring the virtual space where we cooperate with international artists and experts in the fields of augmented and virtual reality. Part of the workshop days is a special New Years edition of our meetup!


Thursday 19/01

The first day we’ll focus on creating augmented reality (AR) experiences using the Unity engine. The recent success of the mobile game Pokemon Go has shown a glimpse of the potential of Augmented Reality. And with the upcoming development of AR glasses the impact of AR is predicted to be huge, creating new transformative ways of storytelling and social interactions in public space. In this workshop you’ll learn about the challenges and opportunities of using augmented reality and the basis to start creating your own augmented reality experiences.

- Augmented reality as a new medium
- Storytelling / interaction in public spaces / communal AR experiences
- AR production (using Unity)

09:00 - 17:30 Masterclass & workshop storytelling in AR
17:00 - 19:30 Field trip: visit VR base for the AR and mixed reality meetup, with presentations of META and Microsoft (optional)
19:30 - 22:30 Interactive Storytelling Meetup New Years edition with 2 presentations, including VR installations and performance of the band Silent Runners. 

Friday 20/01 

This masterclass and workshop will aim to give participants a starting point from which to begin creating their own virtual reality (VR) experiences, covering both current thinking in VR storytelling techniques through to hands on practical experience of using the Unity games engine to create interactive, real time VR content. The course will get participants through the initial learning curve necessary for making VR content so that they can move forward with their own projects and continue developing in their own time. 

- Virtual reality as a new medium
- Storytelling / kinaesthetics / immersive audio 
- Multi-sensory storytelling and how VR as a new medium can fit into transmedia projects
- VR production (using Unity)

09:30 - 12:00 Masterclass storytelling in VR 
12:00 - 13:00 Food stories / special storytelling lunch by Raw Data Cafe 
13:00 - 17:30 Workshop storytelling in VR
[ongoing] Art installations by Simon Wilkinson: THE CUBE , SLAVE TO MORTAL RAGE, HOW CAN I EASE YOUR MIND WITHOUT LYING 

Ticket 275 EUR (excl. BTW / VAT)
This ticket includes workshop day 1 & 2 (details below), VR art installations to experience by Simon Wilkinson, a special storytelling & food experience by Raw Data Cafe, lunch for both days, coffee, juice and tea. 
Alcoholic drinks can be purchased with a discount for the Thursday evening event.


Workshop facilitators: 
Simon Wilkinson (UK), Luciano Pinna (IT/NL), Klasien van de Zandschulp (NL). 
The workshop facilitators are all part of the ground breaking large scale immersive performance WHILST THE REST WERE SLEEPING featuring AR / VR / electronic music and large scale projections.

Dinner: Raw Data Cafe
Raw Data Cafe explores the possibility of presenting raw statistic data through food. Disrespecting all cultural and traditional values associated with nutrition, the project focuses on the gustatory aspect to deliver straightforward statistic information.The stiffness of raw data is balanced by the immersive and interactive nature of the feeding process, the snacks involving the public on both a sensory and mental level.
Raw Data Cafe will design and present a new food experience for the participants of the workshop.

Several VR headsets (Oculus, HTC Vive, cardboards) will be available. Please bring your own if you have them available!

Ideal participants should have a desire to explore the practical use of virtual and augmented reality as a new experimental medium. They should come with their own laptop preinstalled with the latest version of UNITY from the website. It is expected that all participants are complete beginners to Unity Games Engine. Related experience in audio production, digital animation, video production, image editing and general digital content creation is helpful though not essential.

More info and tickets: