Lava Lab at Northside festival Brooklyn, NYC

Lava Lab and Amsterdam Museum were selected by the Northside festival in Brooklyn, NYC for a keynote presentation at the innovation conference. This presentation was part of the trade mission of the city of Amsterdam to New York City.


#goldenAge: interactive and non-linear storytelling in the 17th Century

Lava Lab and Amsterdam Museum are building a new interactive storytelling application using iBeacons for the exhibition 'Portrait gallery of the Golden Age'. In this keynote address Paul Spies, director of the Amsterdam Museum, gave an introduction of the exhibition 'Portrait gallery of the Golden Age' and Klasien van de Zandschulp, Interaction designer at Lava Lab, showed the creative process behind this open source tool for museums that offers an alternative to traditional top-down information by presenting non-linear ways of storytelling.

The internet of things for public art

There are infinite possibilities through the advancement of modern technology to develop personal ways of storytelling in which art history can be brought into modern times in the language and media we are used to interact with. Therefore Lava Lab and Amsterdam Museum want to inspire museums to open up and break away from the traditional way of delivering information and offer engaging ways to experience art. We aim to build the future of storytelling by re-purposing the IoT for the public sphere. This talk will illustrate how the use of technology in innovative ways can help push the boundaries of how museums deliver the content behind an exhibition.