Mag het Licht Aan Festival 2015

On the longest and brightest day of the year, the 21st of June 2015, the first edition of the Mag Het Licht Aan Festival took place in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam.

The organisation's aim is to be the new festival where idealists and utopians can gather and enjoy compelling theatre, exhibitions, inspiring philosophy, mind-expanding conversations, sustainably produced food and innovative music. The theme of the first edition was 'the sustainable human being'.

Lava designed the visual event style and the festival assets

Such as shirts, banners, a programme booklet and the routing. We teamed up with Swell to create a responsive website.

Humanistisch Verbond was one of the many organisations behind the festival. Every year they hand out the 'Van Praagprijs' (prize) to a special person that inspires and fuels the humanistic view. This year Adelheid Roosen (writer, director, actress) was honoured. She received the prize together with a booklet. Lava had the honour to design this booklet.

Photographer: Ivo van der Bent